Sunday was mothers day and as a medium I have the opportunity to communicate with many mothers that have passed over the veil.

I was thinking about a lady that came to me for a reading and her mother came through. She was wanting to connect with her mother and sure enough her mother brought  a wonderful message.

At one time her mother indicated to me her daughter had 2 children and I asked about her children she said she had 3 children? Well are 2 of them the same sex and the 3 the opposite. No she said they were all boys. I then told her I didn’t understand because those on the other side don’t lie.

Feeling puzzled I went on with the rest of the message but then her mother insisted  2 children. So I repeated the message.

We finished the reading and just as she was leaving she said my mother was correct, I’m pregnant with twins and with tears in her eyes she continued I can’t believe she knew about the twins.

Celebrate every mothers day as she is always with you. There’s nothing more stronger than a mothers love.

Always Love, Sharon