The 4th of July has a very special meaning for me. My father was born on this day and he also served in the armed services. I was only 3 years old when he was killed.

As a medium I converse with those that have passed over the veil and while conversing I am sometimes shown the American flag. It is then I tell the family member your member has shown me he served in the military with honor. Their reply is always yes and they tell me which branch of the service they served, including the war.

On one occasion I was shown dog tags and they look as if they were hanging from something. I inquired of the young man I was reading for, and asked  if he understood the meaning of the dog tags.

Silence, then with his head bowed he said yes, that his mother gave him his fathers dog tags. It was his only request he made  to his mother.  And he hung then  on the mirror of his pick up truck so he could keep his dad close to him, seeing them daily.

I fly our flag daily in my yard and I too look at it with remembrance of my father and say Happy Birthday dad.

Too all those fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and husbands that have served may this be a day you verbally say hello as they are with you and they remember  this day also.

Always Love, Sharon