The phone is ringing and a husband is on the line wanting to  make a mediumship appointment for his wife. Date is set,  they both arrive.

I sense the presence of a male, and the husband said oh good , my wife wanted to hear from her father.  

I said this is your father and he is talking about the boat you were looking at to buy! His eyes enlarged and his wife said “What boat”? He shyly tells her that last week he stopped and inquired of a boat.

Silence…. Well, I said now you know your father was with you at the time.

They decided to talk about the boat at another time.

Then another presence of a male and just as on que her father shows up with laughter and said the two fathers decided to play this prank on their son and son in law.

A beautiful message was given to his much loved daughter and then session was over. With laughter from both of them, husband and wife, gratitude was offered.

So have a happy Fathers Day and remember they are still around and enjoy the continued relationships.