Born and raised in a family who thrived on the presence of Spirit in our lives, I immediately know a fraud from an authentic Medium. After the loss of someone I loved, I felt lost myself even though I could feel his presence. It pained that although I knew he was around me, I still had many unanswered questions that remained unanswered because my senses were clouded by emotions. Within the first 30 seconds of sitting sitting down with Sharon, I knew she was the real deal. She not only gave answers that only my friend and I would have shared; Sharon also said my friend’s spirit had been with her earlier that day to help with her other clients. I smiled knowingly because that's the way my beloved friend had lived his life.

Lani K.

You dazzled everyone...congratulations!


Sharon told me my father was happy about my wearing his pajamas to a pajama party after his death. Amazing." Because, she had no way of knowing that I had just done -- just that!


Sharon gave my family guidance regarding a lingering entity in my home. She was able to identify the entity, understand its intentions, and gave thorough means of helping to remove the entity. Since following the guidance from Sharon, our home has not had any disturbances and my family is comfortable in our home again.

Mandi R.

Sharon gave my wife and I readings via telephone. I was initially hesitant to believe in her ability to see my past and read my future, especially over the phone; however, after spending 30 minutes with her, I am a believer! She was able to re-energize my wife and I around career and family goals and even gave us some helpful tools to use in the future when going through trying times. Sharon's method of delivering the information was clear and she continuously checked for understanding and provided validation. Sharon has a warm personality, calming voice, and her positivity is contagious.

Gary O.

Sharon validated my own intuition. She also gave me the first letter in the name of my best friend that had passed, along with her occupation, and confirmed her presence around me. Sharon has a kind, loving and gentle manner, and offers a lot of spiritual wisdom.

Kathy P.

Sharon really helped me communicate with a friend who had recently passed quite unexpectedly under complicated circumstances. It left me stunned, confused, and with a lot of questions. Sharon helped me communicate with that friend to find answers and get closure. Her compassion and consideration of people left behind and the spirit coming through left me thanking her for caring about all of us.

Adrienne McB.

I've had several readings with Sharon, but had not told her about the death of my first son. I finally scheduled a session for this purpose. Sharon shared things with me that were personal to my son and I and things only the two of us would've known. It was like having him there with me again. I felt his presence. It was sincerely a moving experience, and one I'll cherish as comforting and joyful.


My first session with Sharon was amazing! Without her asking me questions, or me volunteering any personal information, Sharon was able to tell me why I was there and what was important for me to work on in order to accomplish my goal. Truly gifted, compassionate and understanding, I recommend Sharon without hesitation.

Mike S.

One time, Sharon entered my home 20 years after the death of a beloved mentor. She suddenly said, "did you have a mentor that died and was he an older man who liked to bake?" I thought back. Yes. He was an older man and when things got hectic in our company, he'd say "c'mon, let's all bake a pie or something." He used to own a restaurant. Then much to my surprise, Sharon said, "he's shooing away flies - why is he showing me so many flies?" That was the moment I recognized that it had to be true that he was there with me, and that Sharon was certainly gifted. I had never told anyone that he and I did just that - we'd go to the kitchen and bake a Shoo-Fly Pie!

Claire A.

I was gifted a session with Sharon after my grandfather passed. I was skeptical so I put his dog tags in my pocket before the session began. Sharon told me that my grandfather was showing me dogtags!! Then she told me he said that there was a problem person in my company and described her. Sharon said my grandfather said he was helping the situation and it would be okay. When I returned home to my business, the situation was exactly as Sharon relayed it was going to be from my grandfather. Because of that meeting, and because she picked up on the dogtags and other things she had no way of knowing, I was calm about the situation and it did resolve in a fashion that was how my grandfather would've handled it had be been alive. It was remarkable to all of us.

Elizabeth T.

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