September 24, 2021 in Thought of the Day


I did a reading for a woman that was so sad and in pain. She had lost her father to Covid-19 . During the reading he brought up memories about…
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September 17, 2021 in Thought of the Day

Did you know you were designed to be kind?

Love that is not expressed becomes hate, joy that is not enjoyed becomes depression. Love is the essence of our lives and our greatest victory. Perhaps more than any other…
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June 25, 2021 in Thought of the Day

Fourth of July

The 4th of July has a very special meaning for me. My father was born on this day and he also served in the armed services. I was only 3…
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June 5, 2021 in Thought of the Day

Happy Father’s Day

The phone is ringing and a husband is on the line wanting to  make a mediumship appointment for his wife. Date is set,  they both arrive. I sense the presence…
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